The Twins Adventure – Cocobook

The online version of the amazing story you co-wrote with all Junior School is ready! Browse the book and enjoy it!

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Frankestein comic ||By: Valu and Nina||

The task of today was making a summary as a comic mode. Here it is, Hope you like it!

(To make it bigger, click on it)



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Review: Frankenstein

Create a comic to review the story of Frankenstein.

Include the main characters, sense of setting, important events, plot, ending

Post it in the blog.

These are some tools you can use to create a comi:






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History Final Exam 2015

Read instructions carefully and set down to work!!

Prepare a presentation in google presentaciones and share it with me:

1        Tudor Monarchs

  1. Who was the first Tudor King? How did he gain the throne? (1 slide)
  2. Who participated in the war of the Roses? How long was it? Was it international or civil? (2 slides)

tudor monarchs (this site will help you understand all tudor Queens and Kings)

war of the roses

war of the roses

tudors and the war

2. Henry VIII

  1. Describe Henry VIII (1 slide)
  2. Why did Henry break relations with Rome? Explain in your own words how powerful the church was at that time? (2 slides)
  3. Why did he have 6 wives? Who were they and what happened to them? Find pictures of them. Who is your favourite? Why? (2 slides)

Tudor Britain

Henry Tudor

Henry VIII facts

Henry VIII

3. Queen Mary

  1. Whay was she called “Bloody Mary”? How long did she reign? (1 slide)

Mary I biography

4. Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth

  1. Who was Elizabeth I? What religion did she follow? (1 slide)
  2. Golden Age of English History: Why is this time in history called the golden age? How is the mind of people starting to change? Find a source to account for this question. (1 slide)
  3. Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh. Who were them? (1 slide)
  4. Can you mention another explorer?  (1 slide)



5. The Spanish Armada


Read the poem and find relations to the topic of the Spanish Armada. Give reasons quoting from the poem. (1 slide)

The Spanish Armada.
Sailors, men of England, this day is for our Queen
we fight the French and Spanish foe, to save our land of green.
A great Armada, sails the waves, to kill us they will try
but we will stand unconquered, beneath Britannia’s sky.
Some will live and some will die, this is your sacred vow
be brave, stand tall and fearless, the time to fight is now.
Aboard the ship Revenge, your duty lies today
against the King of Spain, we free men have our say.
Elizabeth our regal Queen, has summoned us to fight
and we shall be victorious, before the fall of night.
For families and loved ones, we fight to save our land
of England we will tell them, united we now stand.
So come brave men, the hour awaits, the enemy now seen
We fight for god and country, for England and our Queen.

5. Glossary: Make a list of words you have learnt and write the meaning.

Please, don’t do copy and paste! Use your own words. If you want to use new words, look them up in the dictionary and write them in the glossary.Those who do not hand in will have to do it and send it to me in February but also they will have an oral exam.

For the final mark, the following points will be taken into account:


-Clear answers and explanations

-Sources: pictures or testimonies (say where you took them from: write the webpage or the title of the book)

-Correct use of language



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The 100 Years War

Read information about this war


What information does the video give you about the war?

Read about Joan of Arc

Follow this link: Joan of Arc Maid of Heaven

Prepare a summary (you´ll need it later on)

Watch this presentation and the,n in pairs, prepare your own presentation on The 100 Years War and Joan of Arc.
Use the pages you have read, the booklet and any other sources you want and to make a clear presentation.
Post it in the Blog.


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Alice in Wonderland Poster

By Juansi, Alvaro, Seba y Nico

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Alice in Wonderland: movie poster

By Mora, Pipe, Nico and Topi

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Alice in Wonderland: movie poster

by Fermìn, Jose, Javi and Tiara

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